End Of Time (Babblin) - Single

by Paul Gee

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First Single Off of the upcoming project "Trust My Transparency : TTFR"

Releases Spring 2013 !


Verse 1:

I dont really know
Bout this love
Cause I dont really wanna worry
Bout her
Lookin in my past
im the jealous Type
So if i
bag her
I dont really wanna doubt her
Jay say
the money is gonna attract her
Say the rich dudes
Is who match her
Man its Crazy cus
The ladies
Wit' the bodies
Ain't cuffin if my pockets ain't caked up
Maybe love is deeper than make up
And break ups is based on if we make up
Every time its like a try out
To see what i would do
(smt )Hollon
lemme check
And see if my name is up
If i made the cut
If i got the role
Why gain these girls
And then lose your sole?
Im tryyyyna gaurd my heart
Befoore you take a Part
If i dont man
Then im gonna lose Control !
Im lookin for a girl that
could shock a Gee
And till the end of time
shell rock wit me
I could trust her
When she around da team
And shut dem boys down when they tryna scheem
Im lookin for sumtin
Like a jay and B
Still rulin da streets
While the wifey
Might be scorin a role
Or wirkin on a set
For the superbowl
Imean i guess
....my chances
Arent high
But it wouldnt really hurt to try..
Imean U cud say my dream
is to
far a climb
But if i getter
Im keepin her
till the end of time
Wait( ha)
...Back to the mindset
...It prolly aint my time yet
I better chill
off it
Hit my head,
Show me love
So i know it real
...I dont care about tatoos
From my angle
You fine
You cute
Got my arms open Wide
Lookin obtuse
Das acute
You da baddest
You da bomb
You da bahgdad
..threw a grenade at you
Cmon You know id catch dat
..You on the money baby
Your love is da cash back
A diamond in the ruff
And you KNOW i gotta have dat


GIRL, Why did you do this too me
Im tryna focus but your attractive to me (low note)
(O - Uh O -uh uh oh uh o)
I cant read minds
but i can see signs
If love is
How can i see just fine


Come take my hand
Ill wont ket you go
Ill be your friend
Ill love you soo deeply
Ill be the one
To kiss you at night
I will love you to the end of time....(disk scratch)

Verse 2:

Yea right!
da fact is
Right now
I dont really see nobody
......Even when i notice
girls watchin me
It could be at school
..Walkin and bumpin
I see a beautiful girl
shes always missin sumtin
And honestly
In sick of this
Its been 3 years since last my good relationship
We broke up
Before i gave her my gift
...So i gave it to a friend for christmas
(im babblin) (pause)
Runnin on Father Time
Tryna find her
but ironically
the turn off's a reminder mmm (annoyed)
Her own games tend blind the both of us,
now it's..
twice as hard to go out and find her
..But I ain't bout games like vita
I need a diva
with sense in cerebral
And never playin me
For all these different people
I ain't got time to teach ya
..Each one is missin
I know nobody's perfect but there's way too many bluffin
I stay away from cuffin
cuz I tend to get delirious
FM girls
never gettin taken serious
Ha !
Get it?
Like the radio?
High stakes
but she ain't finna filet me though,
..Ill make ur x-men jealous
When they hear them 4-letters
I could love you naturally
without the 4th letter

..when I find that girl
she gon be the life line
Meaning I'll love her
till the end of time


released March 15, 2013
Written by Paul Gordon & Joseph Green
Production and Engineering by Aaron Gibbs for Double A Hit Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Double A Hit Music New York, New York

Aaron Gibbs, aka Double A is a Musician/Producer/Engineer hailing from Hollis Queens NY. He has been a musician since age 12 and a Producer/Engineer since age 15. Enjoy the music! If you're an artist that needs beats, visit doubleahitmusic.com

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