No Shortcuts - Single




"No Shortcuts" is a motivational song for anyone who's ever felt like an underdog. It is sure to be played by teams, athletes and in weight rooms around the world.
Become inspired as Phelps shows that true success only comes with hard work, dedication and "No Shortcuts."

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Aye I'm that independent hustler
And u just became my customer
Married to the music, stuck with her
And if u married to the game good luck with her

Dawg, you so Hollywood
Do anything, u prolly would
I wanna make sure it's understood
I'ma hit the bullseye like Robin Hood

And haters hatin' horribly
I'm tryna behave cordially
Man why they all ignoring me?
Like "Lets not hear no more of Keith"

Man wat was I thinkin
No freedom, where's Lincoln?
I'm seasoned, u sinkin
I'm so fresh that u stinkin

I welcomed myself to the road less traveled
Cuz you can't walk on easy street unless u wearin them shackles
They told me I wont ever make it cuz I fight to much
I turn around and tell the industry to kiss my butt
Talkin bout "sign this, sign that
So everybody know wat yo name is
Homie ima make u famous
World Star Hip Hop playlist"
But since I won't let u steal from me
Guess everybody just gon sleep on me
But ima still get my paper
Regardless of all these haters

Pre Chorus:

I swear this game forever testing me
And won't let the fact that I'm overlooked get the best of me
And I'm just getting started just wait till u see the rest of me
Marathon and not a race
Microwave success no thanks

Homie Ima work for mine, till the last dime

(No shortcuts)
Ain't lookin for the fast way or no hand out
(Don't want no shortcuts)
And we dont need to be put on, we gon' stand out
(No shortcuts)
Best believe when we hit the stage, we gon' turn it out
(Don't want no shortcuts)
No shortcuts
No sir
No shortcuts


They say jealousy don't live far
Well that's my next door neighbor
And everybody lookin in disbelief
Shocked em like a taser
Feelin blue and gold homie that's them undefeated Pacers
And even once u prove urself
The game don't show no favor

Pursue ur dreams but don't step on no toes
Cuz u ain't supposed to be successful homie 'less u been chose
I'm from the land where corn fields and soybeans grow
And yo I'm still makin noise like and unsilenced phone

Tell me why them Lazy folks on boast mode
Doin the most mode
They see u workin
Now we friends like now we friends like sweet cinnamon toast mode
But I'm nowhere to be found cuz homie I'm ghost mode
Goin hard from the north like them gangstas on Post Road

When u pay them dues
Man, sign them checks to yoself
Don't let these over paid clowns shape ur perception of wealth
And when u hustle this hard
they can't see u like stealth
I mean u gotta go this hard when u ain't gettin no help


released November 29, 2013
Written by: K. Phelps, A. Gibbs
Produced by: Produced by Aaron Gibbs for Double A Hit Music
& KEiTH PHELPS for Real Music Affiliates
Mastered by: Steve Carroa at Sage Audio



all rights reserved


Double A Hit Music New York, New York

Aaron Gibbs, aka Double A is a Musician/Producer/Engineer hailing from Hollis Queens NY. He has been a musician since age 12 and a Producer/Engineer since age 15. Enjoy the music! If you're an artist that needs beats, visit

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